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The past few weeks has seen a significant uptick in doom and gloom reporting. We have monthly reports of softening property prices, scary projections of dwelling value falls, plus, never-ending conjecture on where interest rates will end up peaking.

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Just recently we received an enquiry from a prospective client who was asking about our services while he navigates his

In such a high-value market – when investors are often making their very biggest purchasing decisions – understanding the key

Without question, most property markets in 2021 were absolutely bonkers! The constrained supply of for sale listings, alongside the huge numbers


The past few weeks has seen a significant uptick in doom and gloom reporting. We have monthly reports of softening

It can seem a real pipe-dream for many property investors to have enough equity to retire early. But there are

A relatively new dataset is shining a light on the continued gender economic disparity between women and men in Australia.


CoreLogic reported a further fall in housing values through the first month of spring, with the national Home Value Index

Leading national property analytics and negotiations company, Hello Haus, have identified the top five reasons finance-approved buyers aren’t purchasing the

Nearly 30% of rental dwellings have been stripped from the Queensland market in two years as more than 160,000 investment


As the property downturn spreads across more Australian housing markets, both buyer and seller activity has softened.

While inflation has implications for housing demand, housing itself influences inflation. By understanding how inflation and housing fit together, the

The number of property investors active in the market in June fell an extraordinary 6.3 per cent in just a


Property prices are predicted to fall over the coming year, but it is always hard to know exactly when they

They say all good things come to an end, and that includes your ultra-low fixed-rate home loan period. So, what

We have had a lot of interest rate rises over the last few months, with the cash rate now sitting


Since moving into her new project, The Happy Renovator, Werine Erasmus’ fur children have been cursing behind her back due

Even after renovating over 20 properties, the patching and sanding part is still not enjoyable, but, unfortunately, it’s such an

Renovating a kitchen involves having to make many decisions so that the process can seem overwhelming. But according to The

The Female Investor available now