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The Female Investor most popular personal finance book in Australia

Most popular personal finance book


A personal finance book for women written by two female property experts has quickly become the most popular in its category in Australia – a few short weeks after its initial release.

The Female Investor: Creating Wealth, Security & Freedom Through Property was released in Australia at the start of the April and is currently more popular than Rich Dad, Poor Dad, and The Barefoot Investor, in the finance and investing category, according to Dymocks online.

The Female Investor (or TFI as it is becoming affectionally known) was written by Sunshine Coast-based Nicola McDougall and Sydney-based Kate Hill.

Ms McDougall is a successful finance and property journalist, property investor, chair of the Property Investment Professionals of Australia (PIPA), and former editor of the Australian Property Investor magazine, and Ms Hill is an award-winning property mentor, property investor, buyers’ agent, and qualified property investment adviser.

The inspiration for The Female Investor – published by Wiley – was to help more women become financially independent and secure throughout their lives, Ms McDougall said.

“It’s a well-known fact that women are more likely to be less financially secure than men around the globe. Whether through an income pay gap, maternity leave, or a relationship breakdown, many women are forced to play financial catch-up throughout their lives,” Ms McDougall said.

“We wrote The Female Investor to assist women of all ages from around the world – from younger women just starting out in their careers to someone who may have found themselves single again in their 40s or 50s.

“TFI features information that is relevant no matter where you live, plus, one of the main goals of the book was simply to inspire, encourage, and motivate women to take charge of their financial futures so that they have more choices later on in life.”

According to government research, the financial outcomes for women continue to be significantly worse than for men, with the situation unlikely to change unless there is more financial equality created between genders during their working lives.

  • The Women’s economic security in retirement insight paper found that more elderly women than men are living in poverty in Australia.
  • Women are more likely than men to re-enter the workforce following retirement, often due to financial constraints.
  • Women are twice as likely as men to sell their house and move to lower-cost accommodation because of tight financial circumstances in retirement.

“It’s not easy balancing a career, dating, a family, and a thriving personal life, all while saving for your future, but there are ways to maximise your income sooner to improve, and create, your own financial freedom,” Ms Hill said.

“We truly believe that The Female Investor will help women better their financial security and stand on their own two feet – and its popularity with readers since release certainly seems to show that it’s a book that has been long overdue.”

The Female Investor available now